State Awards Day Recognition – National Genealogy and Administrative Committees

Today is the second day of award recognition. Today’s awards are from the National Genealogy Committees and National Administrative Committees. The following awards lists were submitted to DARMER. Chairmen will distribute the certificates at State Conference 2020.

DAR Genealogical Preservation                                    Margaret Neal, Chair
Four outstanding Chapters, “who poured their selves cups of ambition” and “have come to life making dreams” “happenin” with 3 volunteers each: Lansing, Nipissing, Ottawa, Sophie De Marsac. (*Individuals must have processed a minimum of 100 documents for individual credit, but Chapters get full credit.) Total of Eighteen Awards given out. No extra chapter reports sent to this Chairman so therefore no report sent on for consideration to National.


Chapters who categorized the most documents:

First Place, Genesee – 19,482

Second Place, Nipissing – 18,204

Third Place, Alexander Macomb – 6,504


The top two “dreaming volunteers” who categorized over 10,000 were:

      Cheryl Gawne, Nipissing: 16,544 docs

      Darlene Weidmeyer, Genesee: 13,901 docs

followed by:

   Suzanne Harris – Alexander Macomb, 6,504 docs

   Shenandoah Chefalo – Job Winslow 5,900 docs

   Margie Neal – Genesee 5,581 docs

   Laura Druker – John Crawford – 3,750 docs

   Mary Drolet – Rebecca Dewey – 3,547 docs

   Linda Brandis – Sarah Ann Cochrane – 2,270 docs

   Julee Durkee – Philip Livingston – 1,396 docs

Four Michigan daughters participated in the “Descendants Project”, transcribing lineages from application and supplements. Heather Curtis, Ezra Parker; Julee Durkee, Phillip Livingston, Cheryl Gawne, Nipissing, and Megan Ryno, Marie Therese Cadillac.


Genealogical Records                                                    Catherine Pouls, Chair
State Awards will consist of 3 categories:

  • Participation in Every Name Indexing Project:

Chief Shawano Chapter (number not indicated); John Crawford Chapter (200 names).

  • Preparing and Digitizing Local Historical Records:

Monguagon Chapter

  • Preparation & Transcription of Historical Records:

Eileen Rhodes, Alexander Macomb Chapter; Arlene Robertson, Piety Hill Chapter.

Also, the following Chapters:  Job Winslow, Nipissing and Ottawa.


Lineage Research                                                          Karen Eckardt, Chair
Excellence in Lineage Research:

  • Char Tavarozzi – Sarah Ann Cochrane Chapter – 195 hours
  • Thora Goodnight – John Alden Chapter – 160.33 hours
  • Lineage Research Committee Chair — Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter – 90 hours

Lineage Research Workshops:

  • Rebecca Dewey Chapter, Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter, Whispering Pines and Prairies Chapter

Crossnore School Celebrating Your Roots Project:

  • Shenandoah Chefalo – Job Winslow Chapter
  • Alice Peterie – Genesee Chapter
  • Karen Eckardt – Michilimacinac Chapter


Patriot Records Projects                                       Grace Bliss Smith, Ph. D., Chair


Award Title # indexed Member Chapter
1.      First Place: 68828 Carolyn Cunkle Sarah Caswell Angell
2.      Second Place: 6080 Jo Bunce Hannah Tracy Grant
3.      Third Place: 4017 Arlene Robertson Piety Hill
4.      Fourth Place: 2557 Teri Showalter Rebecca Dewey
5.      Fifth Place: 1255 Randi Demetriou Ypsilanti
6.      Sixth Place: 1067 Marie Zawol Louisa St. Clair
7.      Participating in the Patriot Records Project 754 Christine Dustin Mary Marshall
8.      Participating in the Patriot Records Project 297 Vicki Kaiser Lansing
9.      Participating in the Patriot Records Project 278 Bette Twyman Lydia Barnes Potter
10.  Participating in the Patriot Records Project 244 Lori Wright Alexander Macomb
11.  Participating in the Patriot Records Project 171 Michelle Siler John Alden
12.  Participating in the Patriot Records Project 100 Megan Ryno Marie Therese Cadillac
13.  Participating in the Patriot Records Project 57 Shenandoah Chefalo Job Winslow
14.  Participating in the Patriot Records Project 21 Grace Smith Louisa St. Clair
15.  Participating in the Patriot Records Project 16 Rebecca Swank Ypsilanti
TOTAL Indexed 85,742


Volunteer Genealogists                                        Terri Kleinschmidt, Chair

Volunteer Genealogist Award Certificates given for the year 2019

Genealogical Education Program (GEP) Courses taken in 2019

  • Christine Brown, Chief Shawano, GEP I, II, III
  • Kimberly Simpson, Chief Shawano, GEP I, II, III
  • Treasa Sowa, Onagomingkway, GEP I, II, III
  • Lacinda Anderson, Ottawa, GEP I, II
  • Cathy Kota, Ottawa, GEP I
  • Margaret Bigham, Phillip Livingston, GEP I
  • Christine Reiner, Piety Hill, GEP I,
  • Joan Weddell, Piety Hill, GEP I,
  • Valerie Miller, Sarah Ann Cochran, GEP I, II
  • Margaret Hock, Stoney Creek, GEP I, II
  • Shirley Poll, Whispering Pines and Prarie, GEP I
  • Jill Sondeen, Whispering Pines and Prarie, GEP I, II, III, IV
  • Julie Zenk, Whispering Pines and Prarie, GEP I,
  • Sarah Beyer, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, GEP II,
  • April Fitzhugh, Job Winslow, GEP II
  • Deborah Dushane, Lucy Wolcott Barnum, GEP III
  • Kathleen Meneghin, Nipissing, GEP III, IV
  • Cynthia Schrieber, Whispering Pines and Prarie, GEP III
  • Laura Druker, John Crawford, GEP IV
  • Randi Mathieu, Ottawa, GEP IV
  • Cinderella Miilu, Philip Livingston, GEP IV

Michigan’s Outstanding Volunteer Genealogist for 2020:

Charlene Tavarozzi, Sarah Ann Cochrane


Chapter Achievement Awards                                        Cynthia Hartman, Chair
Lucy Wolcott Barnum Chapter, First to Complete its CMR

Nancy De Graff Toll Chapter, Highest Percent Increase in CAA points from 2018 to 2019 (138%)

Onagomingkway Chapter, Most CAA points in the Up to 35 Members category (960)

Monguagon Chapter, Most CAA Points in the 36-70 Members category (1,090)

Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter, Most CAA Points 71-213 Members category (1,385).


DAR Leadership Training                                             Debra Davis, Chair



Membership                                                         Christine Richman, Chair
Chapters with the most Members by Application as of January 1, 2020:

Membership Chapter Number
1-25 Jean Bessac 5
26-50 Onagomingkway 14
51-75 Monguagon 15
76-100 Lucy Wolcott Barnum 11
101-125 Sarah Caswell Angell 14
101-125 Sophie De Marsac Campau 14
126-150 Lansing 9
151+ Stoney Creek 13


For Outstanding Individual Contribution to Most New Members by Application:

Lugene Flores, Monguagon Applications 15
Treasa Sowa, Onagomingkway Applications 14
Suzanne Schluederberg, Sarah Caswell Angell Applications 14
Jeny Ransom, Sophie De Marsac Campau Applications 14
Charlene Tavarozzi, Sarah Ann Cochrane Applications 14
Judith Quinn, Stoney Creek Applications 13
Kathleen Stricher, Piety Hill Applications 12
Linda Hartley, Lucy Wolcott Barnum Applications 11
Marsha Dekker, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Applications 11
Candace Soehren, Ottawa Applications 11


New Member Orientation Event Award:   Piety Hill, Louisa St. Clair


Creative Ways to Engage Current Members and Gain Prospective Members:

Whispering Pines and Prairie, Sophie De Marsac Campau, Sarah Caswell Angell, Ottawa, Monguagon, Lydia Barnes Potter, Louisa St. Clair, John Crawford, Job Winslow and Isabella


Prospective and New Member Presentation at Chapter Meeting by State Organizing Secretary/ Membership Chair:

Algonquin, Amos Sturgis, Anne Frisby Fitzhugh-Saginaw, Battle Creek, Colonel Joshua Howard, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, Ezra Parker, General Josiah Harmar, Michigan Dunes, Job Winslow, John Alden, Sarah Ann Cochrane, Whispering Pines and Prairie Chapters.


Community Prospective Members Event and recruitment award:

Piety Hill, Gold

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, Gold

Genesee, Silver

Lucy Wolcott Barnum, Bronze


Original Ideas:

Genesee, Sarah Ann Cochrane, John Alden, Piety Hill, Job Winslow


Prospective Member Application Signing Ceremony:

Lucy Wolcott Barnum, Ottawa, Piety Hill, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, Sarah Treat Prudden


Total chapter members enrolled in and/or completed New Members Course is 95.

Total chapter members enrolled in and/or completed New Horizons Course is 59.

Total number DAR Life Members or Pending Life Members is 31.


Genealogical Library Workshop:

  • Alexander Macomb
  • Lucinda Hinsdale Stone
  • Lucy Wolcott Barnum
  • Lydia Barnes Potter
  • Grand River Trail
  • Lansing
  • Mary Marshall
  • Philip Livingston
  • Piety Hill
  • Rebecca Dewey yes
  • Sarah Caswell Angell yes
  • Muskegon
  • Ottawa
  • Monguagon
  • Whispering Pines & Prairie


The State Society is presenting Awards to all Chapters gaining a 10% net membership with less than a 2% loss of members. The 12 chapters qualifying for this Award for are:

Ottawa                                                11%

Lucy Wolcott Barnum            11%

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton  12%

Rebecca Dewey                      15%

Hannah Tracy Grant               15%

Jean Bessac                             19%

Whispering Pines and Prairie 20%

Nancy De Graff Toll               22%

Elizabeth Bienaime                 27%


Third Place Award

Monguagon                             28%


Second Place Award

John Crawford                                    39%


First Place Award

Onagomingkway                     59%


Junior Membership                                                       Brooke Darow, Chair
Chapters who recruited the most juniors in 2019

  1. Rebecca Dewey -5
  2. Sarah Caswell Angell – 5
  3. Lansing – 4


Public Relations & Media                              Heather Curtis, Chair

Outstanding Chapter Newsletter

  1. Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter
  2. Ezra Parker Chapter
  3. Piety Hill Chapter


Outstanding Social Media Presence

  1. Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter, East Central Division Third Place


Outstanding Chapter Brochure

  1. Ezra Parker Chapter, East Central Division Second Place


Outstanding Print Coverage

  1. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Chapter, East Central Division Third Place
  2. Jean Bessac Chapter


Outstanding Electronic Coverage

  1. Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter, East Central Division Third Place
  2. Alexander Macomb Chapter


Outstanding Commemorative or Community Event

  1. John Alden Chapter


Certificate of Appreciation for Moderating the DAR of Michigan Members’ Facebook Group

  • Jessica Hodges, Job Winslow
  • Katherine Lehtonen, Ezra Parker Chapter


Units Overseas                                                               Vesta DeRiso, Chair
The first award goes to the Nipissing Chapter. Nipissing Chapter visited their sister chapter, Upper Canada, in Goderich, Ontario in 2019, helping DAR of Michigan Rise and Shine for America and for Units Overseas.

The second award goes to the Lucinda Hinsdale Stone Chapter for holding a program on Units Overseas.

The third award is a tie for having the most individual supporters become Associate Members Units Overseas through this State Chair during 2019 Units Overseas Associate Membership Drive  – Ezra Parker Chapter and Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter.

This State Chair would also like to recognize the following chapters as Units Overseas supporters – these are chapters whose members became Associate Members of at least one Unit Overseas through your State Chair during 2019:

John Alden

Lucinda Hinsdale Stone

Lydia Barnes Potter

Michigan Dunes

Piety Hill

Sashabaw Plains

Sophie de Marsac Campau

Stoney Creek


Volunteer Informational Specialists                              Heather Curtis, Chair

Chapter Outstanding VIS Volunteer of the Year

Heather Curtis, Ezra Parker Chapter

Katherine Kerber, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Chapter

Cecilia Lancaster, Alexander Macomb Chapter

Linda Royse, Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter

Cynthia Schrieber, Whispering Pines and Prairie Chapter

Martha Valen, Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter

Judy Van Poperin, Sarah Treat Prudden Chapter

Erin Veith, Nipissing Chapter


New Chapter Website

Louisa St Clair Chapter

Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter


New Social Media Page

Alexander Macomb Chapter

Ezra Parker Chapter

Job Winslow Chapter

Lucy Wolcott Barnum Chapter

Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter

Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter


VIS Pin Recognition

Heather Curtis, Ezra Parker Chapter – Earning VIS Bar with 100 Hours Spent on the DAR Genealogy Preservation Committee Projects; Earning 2 VIS Stars with 200 Hours of Internet

Dawn Moulthrop-Brady, Anne Frisby Fitzhugh-Saginaw Chapter – Earning VIS Pin with 100 Hours of Internet

Linda Royse, Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter – Earning VIS Pin with 100 Hours of Internet


Utilizing Technology

Alexander Macomb Chapter – Producing Prospective Member Newsletter

Louisa St Clair Chapter –Combining Conservation and Member Retention with VIS by Utilizing Online Membership Tools