State Conference Gavel

Several years ago, upon the raising of the U.S.S. Maine from Havana Harbor, there appears in a newspaper an item stating that, upon application to the Navy Department, wood and metal might be obtained by patriotic societies for the purpose of making gavels and other mementos.

Through the Hon. Francis H. Dodds, then Congressman from the district, I applied and received a massive mahogany chair-rocker and a plate of brass, green from long years of contract with seawater.

From these materials, two gavels were made; one of which was presented to the Isabella Chapter DAR, which I had the honor to found in 1912.
While in attendance at the State Conference in Kalamazoo in 1914, I observed that the sessions were called to order by the tapping of a pencil.

I requested the honor and privilege of presenting a gavel to the Conference. The privilege was granted, and in 1915 at the State Conference held in Marquette, which chapter I previously had the honor of founding, I presented the second gavel, which was accepted as the official gavel of the State Conference and is the gavel in use at the present time.

Cynthia Maria Page Brooks